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Information On Medication

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Kit no. 1

1 to 5 years of age.
Bottle no. 1 ( capsule).

Suvarna capsules.(30 capsules).

Each capsule contains:
1) Suvarna bhasma- 5 mg
2) Sitophaladi churna- 200 mg
3) Abhrak bhasma- 25 mg

Kit no. 2

6 to 10 years of age.
Bottle no. 1 (capsule).

Suvarna capsules( 30 capsules)

Each capsule contaibs:
1) Suvarna bhasma- 10 mg
2) Sitophaladi churna- 100 mg
3) Abhrak bhasma- 40  mg
4) Laghumalini vasant- 100 mg

Kit no. 3

11 years and above.
Bottle no. 1 (capsules).

Suvarna capsules (30 capsules)

Each capsule contains:
1) Suvarna bhasma- 15 mg
2) sitophaladi churna- 80 mg
3) Abhrak bhasma- 50 mg
4) Madhumalini vasant- 100 mg

Beneficial properties of Suvarna prashan ( suvarna bhasma)

Administration of biocompatible gold nano-particles in the form of suvarna bhasma in children is termed as 'Suvarna prashana.

Gold is one among the seven metals categorized as pure metals which is mainly used for preventive and curative purposes.

Benefits for children who consume suvarna prashana daily are:

  • Intellectual development.
  • Improvement in digestion and metabolism.
  • Improvement in physical strength.
  • Improvement in immunity.
  • Improvement in life-span.

Beneficial properties of Sitophaladi churna

  • It has immunomodulatory properties.
  • Acts as an antioxidant.
  • Acts as a health tonic.
  • Works as an ' anti- tussive'.
  • Has anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Acts as an appetizer.
  • Has potential detoxifing properties.
  • Has carminative properties.
  • Shows expectorant activities.
  • Has analgesic or pain-reliving properties.
  • Has antipyretic effect.

Health benefits of Abhrak Bhasma

  • Remedies respiratory troubles.
  • Relieves stress and anxiety.
  • Improves cognitive functioning.
  • Shields from intestinal troubles.

Health benefits of Laghumalini vasant

  • Helps in generalized weakness.
  • Boosts immunity.
  • Aids in improving overall health.
  • Helps to improve digestion and stomach functioning.
  • Alleivates fever and pain.

Health benefits of Madhumalini vasant

  • Helps to nourish all body tissues.
  • Helps in managing respiratory issues.
  • Assists in maintaining healthy functioning of the liver.
  • Helps in maintenance of eye health and function.
  • Helps to maintain glucose level.
  • Useful in treating irregular and chronic fever.

Information about medicines in powder form

Kit no 1

1 to 5 years of age.
Bottle no. 2 (powder)

Contents :
Each dose of 5 gms contain:
1) Pueraria tuberosa  0.5gm
2) Asparagus racemosus 0.5gm
3) Withania somnifera 0.5gms
4) Phaseolus trilobus 0.25gms
5) Teramnus labialis 0.25gms
6) Leptadenia reticulata 0.25 gms
7) Glycyrrhiza glabra 0.25 gms
8) Saccharum officinarium 2.5gms

Mode of action :
1st group. Kit 1. Powder:
In this compostion , medicines or dravya s described in the JEEVANIYA GANA of ayurveda are used.

Jeevana means life. That which is useful to maintain health is jeevaniya. The period for which shareera, aatma and mana stay together is called as life. Hence, those substances which nourish them are called as JEEVANIYA.

Predominance: They predominate in prithvi and jala and hence have madhura rasavipaka and sheeta virya.

Guru, sheeta, snigdha and mridu.

Actions on doshas:
Cause alleivation of vata by their guru, snigdha, mridu, pichila gunas and Pittashamana by all these gunas and their sheeta virya.

Dhatus:  Nutrition of all dhatus by their rasa-virya-vipaka and other gunas.

Malamootra: facilitae easy excretion of malamootra and vata.

Since, jeevaniya dravyas are tolerated since birth, they are useful to persons of all ages and are thus beneficial for maintenance of health. They nourish "ojas".

Hence they maintain health of rasadi dhatus and ojas and refresh the mind. Among jeevaniya drawyas , Ksheera i.e. milk is the best.

Kit no. 2

6 to 10 years of age.
Bottle no. 2 (powder)

Each dose of 5 gms contain
1) Pueraria tuberosa 420mg
2) Ricinus communis 140 mg.
3) Boerhhavia diffusa 140 mg.
4) Cedrus deodara 140 mg
5) Phaseolus tribobus 140mg.
6) Teramnus labialis 140 mg.
7) Mucuna pruriens 140mg.
8) Asparagus racemosus 140mg
. 9) Leptadenia reticulata 140mg
10) Glycyrriha glabra 140mg.
11) Hemidesmus indicus 140mg
12) Desmodium gangeticum 140mg
13) Uraria picta 140mg.
14) Solanum indicum 140mg
15) Solanun virginianum 140mg
16) Tribulus terrestris 140mg
17) Saccharum officinarium 2.5gms

Mode of action:
Group 2 or kit 2:

In this composition,  medicines or dravyas described in the BRIMHANIYA GANA of ayurveda are used.
That which nourishes dhatus and thus increases body mass is called Brimhanya. It particularly increases mamsa dhatu.

Brimhaniya dravyas predominate in prithvi and jala.

These dravyas bear guru, sheeta, snigdha, mridu, bahala(large) sthoola, picchila, manda, sthira and shlakshna guna and hence nourish mamsa dhatu.
These dravya nourish the whole body by nourishing all the saptadhatus.
Nutrition of medadhatu alone is not Brimhana since medavriddhi alone is vikruti.

Karma( actions):
Doshas- vaat pitta shamana and kapha vriddhi.
Dhatus- Due to their guru sheeta snigdha gunas and madhur rasavipaka they nourish all dhatus particularly mansadhatu.
Malamootra: they facilitate their excretion.

Brimhana chikitsa is indicated in those who are tired, have sustained injuries, are weak, old and for those who have to walk long distances.
Examples of Brimhana dravyas- meat, mango, jackfruit, kadali, almond, dry fruits, grapes, dates, coconut etc.

Kit no. 3

10 years and above.
Bottle no. 2 (powder).

Each dose of 5 gms contain
1) Prunus cerasoides 156mg
2) Dioscoria bulbifera 312.5 mg
3) Bambusa arundinacea 156mg
4) Pistacia integerrima 156mg
5) Tinospora cordifolia 156 mg
6) Pueraria tuberosa 312.5mg
7) Asparagus racemosus 312.5 mg
8) Withania somnifera 312.5 mg
9) Leptadenia reticulata 156mg
10) Glycirrhiza glabra 156mg
11) Phaseolus trilobus 156mg
12) Teramnus labialis 156mg
13) Saccharum officinarium 2.5 gms

Mode of action:
Group 3 or kit 3:

In this composition , medicines ordravyas described in the BALYA GANA of ayurveda are used.
That which gives strength is BALYA.
Since ojas gives strength to body, balya dravyas increases ojas also. Without strength nobody can work efficiently. Hence preservation of bala is important.

Karma : (actions)-
Dhatus: these act as balya by nourishing dhayus e.g. madhura rasa substance such as shatavari, ksheera etc. Fruits like kadali, amra, draksha etc and other madhur rasavipaki dravyas such as ghrita, navneeta etc.
Specific organs: those which give strength to specific organs in the body e.g. hridya- arjuna Amashaya- tikta rasa dravyas like guduchi, methika etc.
Mastishka- twak, vacha, jatamansi, shankhapushpi, brahmi etc.act as medhya and give strength to it.

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