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– Programming Masterminds
   by Dr. Abhishek P. Raje

It is a " memory and personality development programme " developed by Dr. A. P. Raje for children of all ages ! Right from pre school to college.

It includes a 12 month consulting program with a 12 month medicine course.
How will alpha brains help your child ?

Helps students stay focused, improves concentration, attention span, recalling abilities.

Strengthens memory to help with exams, improves learning performance.

Diminishes stress levels, frustration and anxiety.

Improves problem solving skills.

Turns your “difficult child ” into a lovable, kind and happy person !

Improves physical abilities, mental alertness and immunity !

Turns your and your childs keen desire of accomplishing success into reality !!

Details about the programme

12 month consulting programme

1st consultation:
Duration : 1 hour.

- initial assesment.
- physical examination.
- understanding the problems or issues.
- information about the programme.
- introduction to the initial steps and exercises of the 12 month programme.
- 1st step to change your and your childs life forever!
- programming of your childs mind begins!
- private consultation with parents.
- medicines for 1st month.

2nd to 12th consultation:
Duration: 1/2 hour each.

- programming sessions specifically designed by Dr. A. P. Raje.
- these sessions include lectures and exercises to be followed and implemented by the students as
well as the parents.
- medicines are provided for each month as the programme proceeds.

About the medicines

Medicines include Ayurvedic formulations ( capsule and powder form) for 3 different age groups.

1 year to 5 years

6 years to 10 years

10 years and above


Fee structure

1st Consultation


2nd to 12th consultation

500 / month

Medicine cost :

Basic requirements for the course

It's never too late

Intensive course 1
Duration: 12 Days
Time: Daily 1 Session
Fees: ₹  6500
Medicine Fees: According To The Age (Click Here)

Intensive Course 2
Duration: 12 Weeks
Time: 1 Session Per Week
Fees: ₹  6500
Medicine Fees: According To The Age (Click Here)

Intensive Course For The Students Appearing For The Competitive Exams (UPSC, MPSC, others…)
Duration: 3 Hours
Batch: 10 Students (Maximum)
Fees: ₹  1000
Medicine Fees: Cost As Per Kit MRP (Click Here)

A word by Dr. A. P. Raje
Because we love to see you win

We all want to improve our lives and ourselves, no matter where we are in our life right now. We might be at the top of our game, we might be at the highest level of success or we might be in the middle of a crisis or adversity, struggling to find a way out.

We all have an intimate desire of growing and improving embedded in our minds. Yet only a few of us actually grow and succeed while life remains the same for most of us.

My work is focused on helping students take every area of their lives to new levels of success and fulfilment in a steady manner. The process can be fast or it can be slow but it is always a sure one.

As a dedicated student of human potential, child psychology, personal development and a life long student of medical science, i can say with absolute faith and certainity that, Alpha brains is the most practical, result oriented and effective method for improving all areas of student life and programming their minds for success for their whole lives.

For achievers and top performing students, alpha brains can be a great booster allowing you to attain the amazing next level and take your success far beyond what you have achieved in the past. You can experience  deeper levels of fulfilment. For those students who are in the middle of the struggle for sucess, alpha brains empowers them to overcome all the challanges, make major breakthrough, and turn their lives around in a very short period of time.

I throughly and enthusiastically believe that , You are about to begin a miraculous journey using  a simple but life changing process that is guranteed to transform your life. If you follow this course thoughtfully, carefully absorbing its teachings and persistently follow the principles and formulas set herein, you can experience an amazing improvement in your student, personal and social life.

I am aware that these are big promises to make, but working together with faith, an open mind, a deep desire to learn and persistence, alpha brains can take you where you want to be! Of this i have no doubt at all, because i have seen and studied many people learn and apply these principles and achieve greatness!

Alpha brains will truly be a life changing event in your life !
Thank you for your time, energy and attention !
Our miraculous journey together is about to begin!
          – Dr. A. P. Raje.

" If we inspire children to a realisation of the hidden treasures that they possess, we can do far more than change them. We can transform them!"
– Dale Carnegie.

Abhishek Karadkar


I would like to thank Dr.Raje for the accurate diagnosis & treatment of my chronic cold. Her advice & suggestions have been very helpful in quick treatment and recovery from illness.

It is a " memory and personality development programme " developed by Dr. A. P. Raje for children of all ages ! Right from pre school to college.

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